Zh OpenStreetMap, now you can create different map objects and use Ground Overlays, translation enabled

Hi. I added translation ability, most of text translated from Zh GoogleMap extension. If you want to translate - just join to Zh OpenStreetMap translation project. https://www.transifex.com/dmitryzhuk/zh-openstreetmap/dashboard/ There was also enabled paths feature. Now you can create lines, polygons and circles. https://joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhosmmap-main/om-demo/om-main/om-main-map-with-objects You can also use Groun Overlays (image overlay), it is on special tab in path details. https://joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhosmmap-main/om-demo/om-features/om-feature-ground-overlay In future I'll add video overlay too. But it is not first task to do.
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