Zh OpenStreetMap, new features – geolocation, geocoder

Hi. I decided to do release (but main development feature - K2 integration (overview map) is not finished). I did Geolocation button and autopositioning. It is in Map Details -> Geolocation. Now you can use it to locate your position (change map center to it). Moreover I did in Map details -> Controls new slider "Map Find Control (geocoding)". You can display geocoder control to search by text address. I use default geocoder provider - Nominatim. Here it page https://github.com/perliedman/leaflet-control-geocoder You can check it, and if you need the other provider or implement your own server, just tell me by email (ZhukDL@gmail.com). And I'll try to implement it. I didn't implement the others due to it needs to register, get API key or Key, some of it can bill its…
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