Zh YandexMap, new dashboard, code review

Hi there.

Now all CSS files for front end located and used only from site folder. Compatibility mode for Resource Files now only used for icons. In future it will be moved to site folder too.

I added Dashboard, it is more flexible to navigate to other parts of my extension (documentation, forum, JED, donate 😉 page etc ).

2 thoughts on “Zh YandexMap, new dashboard, code review

  • Mike

    You still have an error in your code that produces invalid JavaScript with ‘unclosed literal’ error.

    I have a temporary fix for that:
    $scripttext = preg_replace(“/(\’\n|\n\’/”,”\'”, $scripttext);
    on line 6057 of your v2x_display_map_data.php

    But you have to fix these extra ‘\n’ in your code instead of that hotfix.

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