Zh GoogleMap running on Joomla!4

Hi Today I did new release in JED, it contains extension for Joomla!4It is component, module and template. Plugin will be laterAll function are enabled, but not implemented 2 feature1 - ajax loading map objects and infowin content2 - prepare content in infowin (ie call the others plugins in infowin content)
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Zh Maps, support Joomla! 4

Extensions, Joomla!
Hi there. If you expect my extensions in Joomla! 4 release and want support my developments (and more quick development) and be first testers - welcome. Just mail me: ZhukDL@gmail.com I will email link to temporary developments. You must not use it in product site.Just check that it works, and there are no any style problem with your template. I started from Zh GoogleMaps. Today I did first step - create correct version for dashboard. In a few days I want to add full admin panel (or part of it) support for all my objects. It depends how easy I need to change it. Because in result all extension will be totally reviewed and rewritten. I can develop extensions by parallel style, but I need more tests due to styles.…
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