Zh OpenStreetMap, release for Joomla!4

Here releases

I can’t temporary upload to JED, I got error, and created support ticket.

It is j3 and j4 archive (package). Unzip it and upload j4 zip file

Today it has

  • component (menu item)
  • module

3 thoughts on “Zh OpenStreetMap, release for Joomla!4

  • Hello, The group panel does not work after migrating to j4. It does show, title of the panel is there, “Show all” and “hide all”is displayed, but does not work. And the list is empty.

    • Dima

      Check control panel for errors.
      Probably JQuery doesn’t loaded correctly.

      Moreover tomorrow I will post new release for alter tables and update data. Probably your data doesn’t loaded correctly because you need to update it (datetime fields)

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