Zh OpenStreetMap, you can use icons for placemarks from GPX file

Hi. I added ability to use your icons for placemarks from GPX file. Before today you have 2 options- have default Leaflet icons for placemarks- override icons by assign group to your path, set your icon in group definition and in path definition set "Override placemarks". In this case your icon set for all placemarks from GPX file It was done due to GPX file has simple definition for icon, for example Flag, Red And in this case I can't correct set icon. Now I added 2 folders (for case compatibility mode for resource files, check my docs). /www/administrator/components/com_zhosmmap/assets/gpx/www/components/com_zhosmmap/assets/gpx In this folders you can upload your icons like it named in GPX file, with extension png. Ie just take icon, rename it for example Flag, Red.png and upload. When you…
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