Zh GoogleMap component for j!3, new features – placemark list and placemark details menu item


Today I finally decided to do new release for j!3 component
New features

1 – two new menu item types
1.1 – Placemark List
– you can build your placemark list, define, what columns will appear in filter, in grid.
– you can select your placemarks from different maps (don’t set definite map, set only groups, or categories and etc – as you do in map menu item)
– you can control load or not bootstrap CSS (I use bootstrap styles, and if your template doesn’t load bootstrap – the menu item parameter can support it)
– you can fix navigation bar (with filter, and limit control) on top of the page
1.2 – Placemark Details
– you can show placemark details information (title, description, thumbnail, image galery (built on infobubble block information), addition HTML description)
– you can control show or hide thumbnail, image galery
– you can control load or not bootstrap CSS
2 – I’ve added metadata to more fine show menu item titles

There are demo pages
Placemark Details http://joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhgooglemap-demo-feature-placemarkdetails

Placemark List http://joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhgooglemap-demo-feature-placemarklist

Some template “bug’s” can appear – in my template you can’t see now, but if you’ll get more than one page with placemarks (by limit for example), you’ll get pagination. My remplate remove classes from list item elements (li – tags), and for first page the buttons “start” and “prev” displayed incorrectly, and you need to fix it by adding your css style fixing into your template

PS today I didn’t find out how to meet two features together – placemark list and placemark details (there are errors about not existance subcontrollers), therefore the move from list to details will be done in future. May be I’ll add infowin button to go to details show from placemark from map

PPS for j2.5 I’ll add this feature a little bit later


6 thoughts on “Zh GoogleMap component for j!3, new features – placemark list and placemark details menu item

  • Hi, I have just downloaded version, to add to my bootstrap based site. Because I already have BS loaded I am looing for the option to not load the bootstrap css. Obviously this is very new and not on the wiki either, can you point me in the right direction 😉
    Thanks Loads

  • Maciej

    I have a problem in ‘first site load’.
    So on first load maps are NOT loading. On secend load and evry other all works fine.

    • Dima

      Without direct link to page I can’t tell you.
      I think you have some errors on page, and for the first loading time it breaks map loading (or may be there is onload function exists, for example for accordion.). after second load – all works.
      Thy to set on component properties map initialization type to domready and try again. Or check browser console for errors

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