Обновление компонентов и плагинов

Всем привет.

Обновил все компоненты и плагины.


  • для Google Maps разрешаю вводить и отображаю в метке адрес с наименованием сайта и картинку
  • для Yandex Maps разрешаю вводить и отображаю в метке адрес с наименованием сайта и картинку


Там новые поля на закладке Placemarks

9 thoughts on “Обновление компонентов и плагинов

  • Hi Dima
    I have found that once you have 8 to 12 placemarks on a map the map contents fail to display anything. Removing a few placemarks produces inconsistent results, sometimes fixing the problem whilst other times you need to remove all placemarks to get the map to display again.
    Data in each placemark’s description field seems to be the main cause. Any ideas??

    • Dima

      Hi, I inserted 19 placemarks, see my testpage for google maps. May be you have problem with cache.
      I open placemark and clone 18 times with different places.
      Check you marks, and do FULL refresh page in FF(IE,Opera etc).

      May be fields have “incorrect” data for current time it is special characters(& < > ‘ and others). It cause problems when displaying, and it is not every time saved in database.

  • Dima

    I ‘ll try to test this late. Thanks. Can you give me html, that generated in that case
    And is last versions of component|plugin

    • On further investigation I found some of the descriptions I was cutting and pasting contained a (‘) special character that appears to be responsible for the non-display. May pay to limit entry to allowed characters??

      • Dima

        I write in doc about < symbol, that casue cutting string. It is the same problem. I have to write htmlspecialchars in code, but today I'm not sure where, because MVC-model, and etc I'm not well know. Thanks, I put it in my bugs list.

      • Dima

        I think, it is time to fix little bugs from my bug-table
        In a week, I try correct plugins and site-display-page of components, because in this php-files there are very simple to insert htmlspecialchars for text fields. It is fix problem with data, that inserted into database, and need only correct to display. This fist step.
        The second – I’ll fix bug with no map in component – error 500 displayed.

        And after that I try to understand and fix entering data with special characters.

  • Excellent….
    Some ideas for the wish list.
    1) Where there are lots of placemarks layered on top of each other in a zoomed out map overlay with a new marker indicating the number of icons underneath. Example http://www.mappa.co.nz
    2) Ability to have a placemark on multiple maps
    3)In Backend – ability to order placemarks.

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