Zh GoogleMaps, added new features


I did new release of component today with two new features.
1. now you can set hover fill color for rectangles and circles












2. you can add article into infowin’s body. If you open placemark integration section, you can see an article selector.
It was, but you could just add button into infowin. Now you can go to appearance section and select “Title and Article (by iframe)” or “Article (by iframe)” infowin content field.











To alter styles for iframe you can add it’s CSS style into field in integration section and define it in your template

New features for Zh GoogleMap


I added two new features:

  • you can customize how open links in palcemark toolbar
  • you can add to tabs infowin content or replace tabs by it


Look at first one

2015-09-10_13-30-48under description you can see toolbar.

Here you can find buttons to set start/end points for route finder

And up to 3 buttons from integration page

There are contact details, article details and placemark details




Now you can define how to open this links (it was only in new window)



















As for second feature. When I implemented InfoBubbles, you could only add it’s content on tabs definition page.

Now you can add InfoWin content definition to InfoBubble. And now the route buttons are also accesses in InfoBubble for placemark.








If you set this parameter to override, you’ll get “styled” infowin, ie you’ll get infobubble (which style you can alter) with infowin content











And you can add content at first or last tab position





And result will be













Zh GoogleMap, new features – search placemark field and icon offsets


Finally I did release with new features:

First feature: in map details on Placemark List tab there is a new radiobutton – Search Placemark Field. If you enable it, then you’ll get search field in placemark list



Now you can type placemark title to find and do action

There is autocomplete ability exits


















The next feature – you can change “anchor” for placemarks. There are two fields in placemark details, and there are two fields in placemark groups









If you set value not equal 0 you’ll get offset for icon position.

You have to know: the (0,0) – it is bottom center position for icon. Ie IT IS NOT top left image corner!


Zh GoogleMap module supports external links to placemarks


I added to module support external link to placemark.












After that you can use special function to center and or click on placemark, and change zoom by this action


Example #1

<a href=”#” onclick=”javascript:PlacemarkByIDShow(682, ‘center,click’); return false;”>Show placemark on map</a>

This code will create link to placemark with ID=682. And will do center on this placemark and click on it


Example #2

<a href=”#” onclick=”javascript:PlacemarkByIDShow(48, ‘click’, 10); return false;”>Show placemark on map</a>

In this case link to placemark with ID=48. And you click on this placemark and change zoom to 10



Zh GoogleMap, a few improvements

Hi there.


I changed messages for “external” positioned placemark group list (when I don’t find special div). Now it’s display correct div ID.

You can confused to get this message in case of plugin call (because it came from component feature)


A few days ago there was a request to add Finnish (Finland) translation. I added support this language, but there is no any translation in transifex yet.

One new value for action for placemark list added: Center and Click

Ie now you can not only set map center for your placemark but also click on it.  There were only separate actions: Click, Center.