Zh GoogleMap, new translation


I returned to continue development of my extensions.

I’ve change “big” version, but only
– add Hungarian translation
– add one field into placemark table (date of creation) – it is only for future, now you can use it for manual setting this date. I did email messages parsing to automatic placemark creation (it works and will be used on site)

The version number changed to big value only for my aims – to separate versions from “old” development circle and “new”

Zh GoogleMap, you can show new buttons in infowin: contact, article and details

Hi there

Tonight I did new release of component, plugin and module.
New features – in Advanced tab of placemark details:
* you can enable for placemark infowin new buttons in toolbar
** the Contact button – if you enable contact integration on map, and set contact to your placemark, now you can go to contact page.
By default, I’ll call “standard” contact view. But you can enter the URL to your contact page, and I’ll use this URL for call
** the Article button. You can assign article to your placemark, and I’ll show button and call this article. If you want to alter the article URL, you can enter yours (did like for Contact)
** the Placemark Details button. You can go to placemark details (like it is done in placemark list view). You can enter placemark attributes to alter this details view (enter by semicolon separator). This is list of attributes:
*** full description
*** image galery
*** addition html text
*** load bootstrap
*** load bootstrap styles
*** thumbnail
ie to enter all attributes: full description;image galery;addition html text;load bootstrap;thumbnail
This attributes the same as for placemark details view (menu item)

Some little bugfixes is done – do not show title (on mouse over on placemark) when you enable dynamic loading placemarks…

Zh GoogleMap, you can manage layers by new buttons, little bugfixes


I’ve done new release with features:
– you can manage layers, ie
— traffic layer you can not only simple show, but display button and show it by button
— the same for transition layer, bicycle layer and panoramio layer
Look at new demo for it – press button to show/hide layer
– today all utility libraries (clusterer, marker with labels, infobubble and etc) loaded from component

Little bugfixes (you can’t show panoramio without filter fields)

I done new demo for Elevation profile for KML file

and add tutorial for that


Zh GoogleMap, you can restrict geocoding and places autocomplete field by region (country)

Hi there

I’ve done new release
* refreshed translation
* in admin panel when you set map bounds (restrict navigation from definite bounds), now I show this bounds on map (in map details tab)
* added new field “Search region” – Open map details->Map Controls->Map Find Control (geocoding), now you can restrict geocoding by region (see Google’s docs https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/basics#Region). Now you can control how find button will work.
* added new field “Search country” – Open map details->Places library, now you can restrict autocomplete suggestion by country (see Google’s docs https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/reference#ComponentRestrictions)

Zh GoogleMap component for j!2.5, new features – placemark list and placemark details menu item

Hi there

I’ve done j2.5 downgrade for

Zh GoogleMap component for j!3, new features – placemark list and placemark details menu item

All works fine.

As for bootstrap loading – look at menu item – there is a parameter “Load Bootstrap”

For j.2.5 it is by default to load all. But if you template loads bootstrap, set it to no.

In a week I have plans to start creating video tutorials.
Keep in touch 🙂


Zh GoogleMap, bugfix for placemark list and new features for component


I’ve fixed bug for placemark list – when you set on placemark group override placemark icon – the group icon not appear in placemark list (instead placemark icon).

Added ordering feature for placemarks and for placemark groups

For contact assignment and user assignment there is a new setting way.

Added new sentences translation, which was not translated before.

PS: for component for j!3.x version the new features will be a little bit later:
– ordering for placemarks
– contact selecting