Zh GoogleMap, you can restrict geocoding and places autocomplete field by region (country)

Hi there

I’ve done new release
* refreshed translation
* in admin panel when you set map bounds (restrict navigation from definite bounds), now I show this bounds on map (in map details tab)
* added new field “Search region” – Open map details->Map Controls->Map Find Control (geocoding), now you can restrict geocoding by region (see Google’s docs https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/basics#Region). Now you can control how find button will work.
* added new field “Search country” – Open map details->Places library, now you can restrict autocomplete suggestion by country (see Google’s docs https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/reference#ComponentRestrictions)

Zh GoogleMap component for j!2.5, new features – placemark list and placemark details menu item

Hi there

I’ve done j2.5 downgrade for

Zh GoogleMap component for j!3, new features – placemark list and placemark details menu item

All works fine.

As for bootstrap loading – look at menu item – there is a parameter “Load Bootstrap”

For j.2.5 it is by default to load all. But if you template loads bootstrap, set it to no.

In a week I have plans to start creating video tutorials.
Keep in touch 🙂


Zh GoogleMap, bugfix for placemark list and new features for component


I’ve fixed bug for placemark list – when you set on placemark group override placemark icon – the group icon not appear in placemark list (instead placemark icon).

Added ordering feature for placemarks and for placemark groups

For contact assignment and user assignment there is a new setting way.

Added new sentences translation, which was not translated before.

PS: for component for j!3.x version the new features will be a little bit later:
– ordering for placemarks
– contact selecting