Zh GoogleMap, total code review. Plugin supports all component features


I did code review and now all my GoogleMap’s extensions (component, module and plugin) use one common code, libraries and styles, therefore all features designed before are accessible in plugin too. Extentions behavior is the same.

Ie, in plugin now appeared:

– placemark/KML management by group list

– hover effects for placemarks

– spiderfying placemarks (which are overlapped on map)

– ajax loading placemarks and it’s content

– placemark’s rating system

and so on.

I added some styles definition for divs

I added default style (and div classes) for map: if you don’t define CSS style class for map in map details – I’ll add this class and now component, module and plugin have CORRECT image displaying (bug for bad shape (produced by template css styles, max-width and etc) is fixed). You don’t need to do tricks with CSS classes for map in template styles for example for plugin

Zh GoogleMap, new features: overlapping markers on spiral, new type of group management, etc

Hi all

Plugin doesn’t support it yet (untill I’ll do refactoring of it) !!!

I’ve done new release of component, now component and module supports new features:


– when you have overlapping placemarks (markers in closest place) you can set show all of it on spiral. It is like spiderfying, but I have my own algorithm of building placemarks to spin, and the other formula of building spiral

— if you want, I can add two parameters for building your own spiral type












Before click










After click












– the ONLY one restriction: now it doesn’t work with clusterer (when you have cluster on max zoom). I’ll add this in future


Now you can control type of group behavior (for Group Management)

– simple group toggle

– only one active group







– Now you can display GPS coordinates in placemarks













and as result











– the ONLY one restriction: now it doesn’t work with placemarks, defined by Text Address, not by Latitude and Longitude. I’ll add this in future


Zh GoogleMap plugin, new behavior

Hi there

I just find a little time and add a new behavior of plugin call for placemark.

Now, when you call plugin for one placemark (zhgooglemap-marker), I forced disable placemark list, because it is not needed there (one placemark on map).


PS from this time plugin for joomla 2.5 is stopped in development (adding new features), due to joomla 2.5 stopped in support.

Only plugin version for j.3.x will continue developing.