Zh GoogleMap, code review, new features

Hi there.

I reviewed code, removed all depricated features – Infographics as placemarks, Google Earth, Panoramio, AdSence.

Now all CSS files for front end located and used only from site folder. Compatibility mode for Resource Files now only used for icons. In future it will be moved to site folder too.

I added Dashboard, it is more flexible to navigate to other parts of my extension (documentation, forum, JED, donate page 😉 etc ).

For lists (table view of extension objects) and detail view for each entity I added Help buttons to open documentation on definite section. You can see it in toolbar.

Added Utilities tab, and today you can simple upload and import placemarks from CSV file. Check documentation

I added ability to define Routes not only by text addesses, but also by coordinates. There are a few fields

  • Route definition data type  – how route defined – coordinates or text address
  • Route – now it is coordinates or text address (depends on value Route definition data type )
  • Route by CSV file – path to CSV file
  • Separator for CSV file – separator for CSV file values

Route in CSV file is defined by coordinates or text address (depends on value Route definition data type )

Fixed bug for StreetView styles (you can’t create or edit it)

PS I’ll fix documentation in a few weeks.

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