Zh OpenStreetMap, icon files is supported


Added support icon files for placemarks. You should set “Marker” in “Appearing properties” to “Icon file: simple”.

Fixed bug for appearing map type control for only one map type.

In map properties in “Map controls” you can

– set map type control position

– added ability to hide only one base type in map type control (“Hide Single Base Layer in Map Type Control” property)


As for “Hide Single Base Layer in Map Type Control”, example.

You have one base layer, for example, OSM. And added overlay.

If you not enable “Hide Single Base Layer in Map Type Control” to Yes, in map type control you can see OSM and checkbox for overlay layer.

If you’ll enable it, you would see only checkbox for overlay layer.


Overriding icons by Group property (in Group details property Override Placemark Icon) is supported too.


Today I didn’t support icon URL and offsets for icon shadows. Post me if you need it.


As for overriding cluster icons for enabled clusterer feature. The main thing it is – you can’t directly assing icon file for cluster, you can only apply CSS class and use HTML. In future I’ll add ability to override cluster icon by adding field to enter Get Icon JavaScript function. It will be a little hard, but with tutorial example I think it will be very easy.

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