Zh GoogleMap, bugfix, new map attribute, temporary disabled marker manager


Today I did little temporary release.

* Fixed link “Open on Google Map” – in some cases there was only one slash after protocol

* In Google Maps documentation they suggest not use “scrollwheel” property and use “gestureHandling”. Therefore map property “Scroll Wheel Zoom” now changed to “Gesture Handling”, and like old values there are “none” and “cooperative”.

Read more about gesture handling on https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/interaction

One more change: Marker manager temporary disabled due to new development. I mean “Marker Manager” – manage markers (show/hide) depend on map zoom. In new future relase it will work correctly not only as is, but also will work together with clusterer and group managment.

If you use Marker manager – wait new release.


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