Zh BaiduMap, code review and added a lot of features


Finally I did new release.

I reviewed all code. Added module. All parts of extension – component, module and plugin use one common code.

Added new parameters for component call (menu item).

You can manage h-tag (h2 or h3) for infowin by component options.

Added ground overlays, labels for markers, dynamically loading placemarks and paths (by mootools or JQuery) or its content.

Added style support for map, and CSS and JS files loading.

For map div by default added default CSS style, which fix styles not only for component call, but also in plugin and module.

Management by group list manage not only placemarks, but also paths. And it has autocomplete group search field, show all/hide all option. Added group sorting.

In future will be added routes, map types, overlay opacity control, placemark list, panel for group list/infowin content/placemark list, traffic control and many other features.



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