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I found that plugin call (by category or by group) is not correct described.

You can show map objects not by one category or group.

You can pass to plugin list of categories (IDs, separated by comma). The same for call by group


  • Dear Zhuk,

    I pass herewith an idea that would be an asset for your Google Map extension.

    As digital editor I need often in Joomla Article Editor to put an URL that directs to a location in Google-map. The location can be whatever, it has no sense to define them in the DB or on Google Maps. It is not the aim to show the map in the article itself, only the link (that will open in a new window) toward the location in GoogleMaps is needed.

    A lot of Joomal-extensions can handle showing Google Maps but (as fara as I could find out) no one offers the possibility to insert only the URL in the article that one is editing.
    I know it should be possible! I copied (1 year ago) code of your extension and adapted it a little bit to have at the end an html-file where searching an address is possible (while a map is shown) and where a button “Create URL” finally shows in a field the URL one could Copy&Past.
    Why shouldn’t you reuse your code and make of it an extra Editors extension, showing a button under the editor of Joomla Articles that allows to make an URL of a map-localisation)?
    (I’m not a developer and don’t have time to spend on learning more about php & making Joomla-extensions. )
    It would be an asset that other developers don’t offer.

    Manu Ampe

  • Dima


    Plugin supports calling Google Maps and pass to it coordinates.
    Now I just only should describe plugin call in my docs. I can’t remember do you know this call – geotag. You can pass latitude and longitude. But there is no any ability to get this coordinates automatically.
    Yes, I agree that special button in text editor will be convenient. I’ll think of it.

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