Zh GoogleMap, placemark list and group list synchronization, new feature – text overrides



Today I did release with big changes, but didn’t change component version too much because it is temporarily but correct release.


New features:

– now you can set to show/hide placemarks in placemark list when you use placemark group control.

Ie if you hide placemarks by clicking on group, it were hidden, but in placemark list it still be accessible. Now set synchronize to yes, and it will be removed (or shown) in placemark list too.









The other feature – now you can override text labels (titles etc).

There is new tab with it’s list













You can create your own descriptions and use it in map details









Today you can change only three values – for placemark list: button title, tooltip and search placeholder









Once you define it, you can use it. Go to map details to advanced tab








PS Do not look into “Placemark Contents” tab. It is just under construction.



20 thoughts on “Zh GoogleMap, placemark list and group list synchronization, new feature – text overrides

  • fenris

    seems like there is a bug.
    After installation of the update and i check for new updates, i can update again to….
    i can do that multiple times….

  • Hi,

    Sorry to write here. I tried to add a new topic in forum, but was prevented by unexisting Captcha request. I really need help, please!

    I created a map with ZNGoogleMaps component, as well as 4 placemark groups. I selected a difference icon for each group (gm#simple-green.png, gm#simple-lightblue.png, gm#simple-red.png and gm#simple-yellow.png) and, following the documentation, I uploaded directly to PHPMyAdmin about 300 placemarks for each placemark group, giving to each placemark a name, latitude an longitude, map id number, placemark group number and icon type. All seams to be right, but somehow I’m unable to load the icons in the map. The strange thing is that, even when I try to insert one of the icons (any icon in your list) into the article, it doesn’t show. In order to show the icons in the article I have to rename them (ie: from “gm#simple-yellow.png” to “simple-yellow.png”. Somehow my Joomla is preventing the image to load when the # symbol is in the icon name. But I tried to rename the symbol in “/public_html/administrator/components/com_zhgooglemap/assets/icons”, modifying properly the database entries both for placemarks and placemark groups, but it didn’t work. I’m still unable to load the icons in the map. Could you please help me?

    Many thanks!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. You’re right. I had the compatibility mode for resource files enabled and, as soon I disabled it, the placemarks with ‘baloon’ values = 3 were shown on the map. But the placemarks with ‘baloon’ values = 0 were not showing. So I tried to change the ‘baloon’ value for some other markers and it worked, but when I changed the ‘baloon’ values for all my placemarks, not only the placemarks disappeared, but also the map itself and the article where the map was placed, they all disappeared. What did I do? 🙁

    I think I should apply clusters because I have so many placemarks, but I enabled the clusters and nothing happened. How do I configure clusters? Do you think setting the clusters will solve my problem of is the amount of data (more than a thousand placemarks) preventing the article (and map) to open? Could you please help me solving this problem? I really love your extension and definitely want to have it on our website.

    Many thanks,


    • Dima


      I think you have some troubles in infowin content.
      Ie when you enable placemarks, and load it’s content – it breaks page and you can’t see article.
      Just look at bworsers console for errors.
      For example, email in infowin content.

      You if you can’t see any errors and don’t know what to to, you can enable placemarks by blocks (10, 50 or 100) and find out what placemark cause error.
      You can also leave page with no map (article) and I try to find out problem

      • Dima

        Or if you show all placemarks on your map, probably the time to load page is too much.
        Try to enable dynamic loading placemark content, or loading placemarks at all. It is in map details, advanced options

  • Hi Dima,

    You solved my problem! I enabled the placemarks by block and it worked! Thanks! Now I have 2 more questions, if you don’t mind:

    1. is there a way to set the map height to follow my responsive template? The thing is that setting the width to zero is perfect, because it fits all screen sizes. But if I also set the height to zero, the map disappears. Then I set the map as you did in your documentation (460) and it worked fine for desktops and tablets, but it doesn’t look good when we open it on a smartphone or iphone. Do you know how could I fix that?

    2. Is there a way of showing the Placemark Group Control in one line instead of showing each icon/text in a different line?

    Many thanks,


  • Hello

    After having updated the pluging, I have an error message: The list of markers id = ‘GMapsMarkerUL_com_content_article_44_0_0_grp’ not found.

    Do you have an idea for this problem.

    Thank you.

  • Dima


    You enabled placemark list and set it position to external
    For that case I try to find div with special ID.
    For component call (menu) it is fixed ID
    For plugin (as in your case) it is by special pattern.
    You can
    – disable placemark list
    – set it’s position not external
    – create Custom HTML module on the article page and enter div with this ID

  • lewn5


    I’m trying to create custom icons for clusters. In your documentation it says:

    “How to create Custom Icon for clusters (for each Placemark Group)

    You can not only change cluster icon, but also define different icons for group of placemarks.
    It is demo for Map with Different Clusters
    Create any number of your Placemarks
    Create a few Placemark Group
    For this placemark group set property Override Cluster Icon to Yes
    Assign Placemark Group to each Placemark
    Open Map Details, open Placemarks slider and set:
    Show placemarks in cluster to Yes, it is to enable marker clustering
    Group placemarks in cluster by placemark group property to Yes, in this case for each Placemark Group will be created personal clusterer with it’s settings (placemark icon in this options too)”

    However, after following these instructions, I still can’t see in Placemark Group any option to change the cluster icon.


  • Hi,

    How can I effectively stop showing hover text on placemarks? I tried to create a map override as per your instructions, but it’s still showing the placemark title on hover. In “Placemarks” on Map Manager I also set the “Show placemark hover text” option to “No”, but it still shows the icon title on hover. How can I change that?



    • Dima

      If you use InfoWin content with “Title” or “Title and Description” then I’ll add title for placemark properties, and it will be shown when you hover.
      Show placemark hover text property is used for advanced – show hover infowin/infobubble with text, which you enter in special field.
      Ie tooltip, which appears – it is title of placemark (that you can also see in infowin). If you disable showing it in infowin, there will be no hover text

  • Hi,

    I’ve tried everything. I even renamed the existing title column and created another one in phpMyAdmin to call “title” to, at least, show the same text for hover, but it doesn’t work because the value of title must be unique. I’m really out of ideas to solve this problem. Did you find any solution?



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