Zh GoogleMap, new test release

Hi there

I’ve done new release of all extensions (component, module and plugig)

There are little changes – refresh translation.

8 thoughts on “Zh GoogleMap, new test release

  • digimate

    Thanks for your great zh googlemap extensions!

    I like it very much.

    Also thanks for the update. Right now, after successful updating the update the update message stays. So this is a little bit confusing. Maybe you will correct this. Regards.

  • First of all, thanks for your excellent extension !

    Since the last update I have an issue : the cloud layer doesn’t display anymore unless the current weather information layer is displayed. But I don’t want it, I just want the cloud layer to be displayed…

    Have you got an idea ?


    • Dima


      Go to your weather type and set field “Show layer” to No.

      for weather and for cloud layers there are two different fields

  • Thanks for your reply.

    How can the cloud laker could be displayed if the fileds “Show layer” are set to no ? I’ve tried and as expected nothing is displayed.

    If I only set “Show layer” in cloud layer to yes and weather layer to no, nothing happen.

    If I only set “Show layer ” on yes for the weather layer and on no for the cloud layer, the weather layer is well displayed but I don’t want it (I just want the clouds layer).

    I precise that before the update all was working fine.

    • Dima

      I’ve checked. And all works

      Set for Weather layer display to No, Set for Cloud to Yes
      You’ll see area, zoom out, and you’ll see clouds. It is not displayed on any zooms, it displayed only for little zooms

      PS I didn’t change any code in previous two last releases, therefore it can’t shopped working by that releases 😛

  • So the issue should come from my site…

    Because only weather layer works (with clouds) and not th cloud layer alone. Unbelievable…

    I’ll try to reinstall the component…

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