Zh BaiduMap component, bugfix for admin panel maps (placemark, map and path maps require API key)


I’ve fixed little bug for admin panel maps – for placemark details, map details and path details.
For displaying maps since Baidu Map API version 1.5 is needed API key, and for admin panel I didn’t add it, therefore you can’t see maps in admin panel for more easy way to edit map objects.

Now it’s OK.

7 thoughts on “Zh BaiduMap component, bugfix for admin panel maps (placemark, map and path maps require API key)

  • Dima

    It’s quite good to hear anything from users of Baidu extension 🙂
    Because I haven’t any feedback :). Therefore I don’t continue development – I don’t know is it needed something else 😛

    • Dima


      You can’t use one map (markers) for different languages.

      You should use different placemarks (for different languages). Or use “tricks” with dynamic infowin (or other objects) content.
      If you mean translation for admin panel or for my map controls (or messages) – you can use built in ability (I use transifex platform for translation to different languages)

      • Hi!
        I think use one map,marker group, marker etc. with translatable Title, description etc. 🙂

        This feature could be very useful to optimize the amount of data.
        I do not understand why Joomla application developers do not want to add that options.

        • Dima

          I understand you. You are right :P, but most applications (and mine too) I think supported only interface translation. Multilingual support it is a little bit hard to develop and use.
          Currently I change my development direction – I started to review my code of component, module and plugin to use one common code (which I did for component). Today it is different codes, and I have to change it 3 times for joomla version (component, module and in plugin). On this week I did component version v6 for j3.x, and decided to only support j2.5 without doing new features (because j2.5 supported to the end of this year).
          After I finish code review and will have one place, where I will develop features (component), I’ll think of translation support.
          It is not too hard, but I need to think of flexibility of use. I have experience of multilingual support (but not in joomla projects :)), and have little scratches how it can be done there, but I need to read little (what minimal requirements of MySQL, or what databases joomla supported – to get knowledge what database objects I can create and use). And find out easy way to allow user to enter language connected data.

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