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Hi there

I’m on middle of the way to do first release of my new component – Zh BaiduMap, it is for Chinese map JavaScript API. And have a little questions.

I can do release, for example with restricted features at first – it will be just a little bit later
– without Routes – (Travel, Transit, Walk and etc)
– without drawing tool for paths
– without KML support (I didn’t find the examples yet)
– without custom map types
– without placemark list
– without placemark entering from front end

Now it is:
– map, with controls and customizable positions
– placemarks (defined by lat/lng and text address) with its custom icons
– paths (polylines, polygons, circles)
– geolocation (in admin and in frontend button)
– marker clusterer
– placemark group management

I need answer to this question, may be some link to examples – because it’s a little hard to understand Chinese.

And I have some bug requests, and didn’t know to where it post for API developers 🙂

Cheers, Dmitry

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