Zh GoogleMap component, you can show/hide KML layers by its list

Hi Changes * you can manage KML layers by Group list * powered by added In other words: 1 - in paths details you can set "Placemark Group". In this case this paths will be added into Placemark List for Group Control 2 - if you enable Placemark Group Control in map details, you can try to show/hide KML layers. See details below. 3 - In map details I've added 2 fields; slider "Placemark Groups" 3.1 - Manage Placemarks - default to Yes, in this case you manage placemarks 3.2 - Manage Paths - if you set KML layer - you can manage KML's, which belongs this groups After that Placemark Group list filled by your settings 4 - in final page result I've added "copyright", it means I've…
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