Zh GoogleMap, Marker Manager doesn’t work – there will be a “bugfix”


If you use Marker Manager – show/hide placemarks depend on zoom – you can noticed, that it stopped worked.

The problem is: for current version, and version 3.10 of GoogleMaps API it stopped.
You can check this link for google’s example page

But if “switch” to version 3.9 – it still working.

I decided to add new component parameter – VERSION of MAP API
– if you fill this field – I’ll add this version into Maps API loading string
– if you skip (or set to blank) – I’ll skip definition for map API version in loading string (in URL)

I mean this

And new version with this feature will be today or tomorrow. If you need it as quick as possible, post me – I’ll publish alfa-version. Because I plan to implement not only this feature 🙂

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