Migrating to Joomla! 2.5


I’ve update my sites to J!2.5

1 – Movement from J!1.7.3 – successful without any messages. All component up to date
2 – Movement from J!1.7.3 (which upgraded from J!1.5 by JUpgrade to 1.6, then to 1.7)
– error about menu items (2-error about menu, after that go to Database tab and click Fix button).
– All components up to date, but Control Panel shows all icons in Quick Icons in one colunm.

All components and plugins is work without problems. But xml-file for autoupdate now now contains node for 2.5 version.

Today or tomorrow I’ll test autoupdater in 2.5 (in 1.7.3 it works for component, but not for plugin)

PS – one column of Control Panel is fixing by refresh browser (full refresh or clear cache)

5 thoughts on “Migrating to Joomla! 2.5

  • Hi Dmitry
    Upgraded to J2.5 and have not encountered any issues with either the component or plugin. All looks good 🙂 Now have over 1200 placemarks displaying primarily on two main maps with no problems.

    Cheers Peter

    • Dima

      Thanks Peter.

      I’m very happy about that.
      And about 3 hours try to find the way, why PLUGIN is not want to support automatic update. I think it would be fixed in J2.5, but may be have to do something manual 🙂

    • Dima

      I’m glad to hear you.
      I find one funny moment – in afternoon in my timezone responding from your site is not quickly, but now (1 AM in my TZ, I think 10 AM in your) – the pages displayed less 1-2 second

  • Hi Dmitry
    Noticed this occasionally. The site is hosted in the US and their peak demand periods are 7 hours behind us.
    Good to see your RSS is working again which minimises the impact of not being able to get the Plugin automatically updating. The RSS feed provides me with information I need about any updates.

    • Dima

      Hi Peter.
      I agree with you. I use RSS to get world news from news sites, get news about Google Maps APIs, Joomla and etc. It is the most useful to me too.

      And WP-template moved to new version and I forget update immediately, therefore RSS not work correctly.

      Thanks, and best wishes.

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