Zh GoogleMap, new improvements for Open Google Map feature


I added new values into lists

  • Map Details -> Integration-> Allow open Google Maps for map center placemark
  • Placemark Details -> Integration-> Show open Google Maps


For map center, you can manage behavior

  • open with drawing direction to your map center
  • open simple map with marker, and marker created for your map center coordinates
  • open simple map with marker, and marker created for your map title

As a result, if you enter into title your company or place, which exists in Google’s database, and set marker for title, it would be on left Google’s panel and marker would created for your place.

If you set marker for coordinates – this coordinates will be used Google for marker.

The same for placemarks:

  • you can open with drawing direction to your placemark
  • you can use placemark title or coordinates for simple map with marker


Addition to this, I added passing language parameter and zoom from map details to Google Map, and standard map will be opened with your language and zoom.

But zoom parameter doesn’t work in case you open placemark on map as simple placemark (without direction, ie with parameter Show open Google Maps = show marker for title or show marker for coordinates). In future I’ll pass initial map zoom for using it.

Zh GoogleMap, security update

This is a security release for the 3.x series of Zh GoogleMap!

This release fixes security issues – SQL injection

Affected Installs: versions up to 8.2.*

Please update to version 8.3.*

Zh GoogleMap, new built-in map type

Hi there.

I’ve added OpenTopoMap map type, you can use it as map predefined type for map, and map override type in plugin too.

As for OpenStreetMap, this type you can enable in map details, just open it and set to Yes drop down list for OpenTopoMap.

In plugin you can pass OPENTOPOMAP as map type for plugin call (be sure it enabled for your map)

Zh GoogleMap, new features for autocomplete fields


I added new features

– if you try to enter into autocomplete field (placemark list search field and group list search field), you can enable feature to fix text when you enter on wrong keyboard layout. You can manage it for each field

– you can enable search not only by title (placemark or group), but also by description

How to enable. It extends by Overrides.

Go to Override list, create new one (or if you are already use it, just open its details).

On Placemark list tab you can see 5 fields, which enable feature for placemark list

  • Autocomplete search type
  • Character mapping type
  • Synonym applying side
  • Synonyms – accents, diacritical marks and so on
  • Character Mapping

Like this, on Group list there are the same fields too.

After creation/change your Override just go to map details, open Advanced options, scroll down, find and select your override for map.

Field “Autocomplete search type” allow to search by title and description.

Field “Character mapping type” enable use mapping and synonyms (in “Custom” case), or use pre-built values for other value.

Character mapping – mapping characters in case wrong keyboard. Check tooltip for more details and examples

Synonyms – pair of characters, which be processed as the same. Check tooltip for more details and examples

Synonym applying side – where synonyms applied, for values, for entering characters or both

Zh GoogleMaps, new feature – open route to your placemark by Google Maps


I added new feature: you can easy build route to your placemark by native Google Maps page.

To enable feature

*  Go to map details, open integration tab, set “Allow open Google Maps” to Yes

After that for each placemark, where you want too have this feature

* Go to placemark details, open integration tab, select “Show open Google Maps” to Button or Link, and opening type (same or new page)

Now a few images

Button in infowin toolbar






Link in infowin text body






You can override text to your own, just use overrides.

Create new override in component or modify if you already use it for your map.

Go to integration tab of override and enter your text




If you create new override and want to use it in map, go to map details, open “Advanced options” tab, and at the end you’ll see list item “Map text override“. Select your override.


Zh GoogleMap, dynamic loading map objects loads paths


This release enables Ajax loading paths and its content.

If you enabled dynamic loading map objects, paths were still loaded not dynamically, ie in page source you could see it’s creation.

Now paths use the same engine to load, and you can also configure buffering to it (new field “Buffer size for paths” in map details).

The field “Loading content data dynamically” is also enables paths content loading dynamically.


Only one thing is not supported for dynamic path creation – elevation profile. For this case you have to disable ajax loading paths.