Zh GoogleMap plugin, new behavior

Hi there

I just find a little time and add a new behavior of plugin call for placemark.

Now, when you call plugin for one placemark (zhgooglemap-marker), I forced disable placemark list, because it is not needed there (one placemark on map).


PS from this time plugin for joomla 2.5 is stopped in development (adding new features), due to joomla 2.5 stopped in support.

Only plugin version for j.3.x will continue developing.

Zh GoogleMap, you can show new buttons in infowin: contact, article and details

Hi there

Tonight I did new release of component, plugin and module.
New features – in Advanced tab of placemark details:
* you can enable for placemark infowin new buttons in toolbar
** the Contact button – if you enable contact integration on map, and set contact to your placemark, now you can go to contact page.
By default, I’ll call “standard” contact view. But you can enter the URL to your contact page, and I’ll use this URL for call
** the Article button. You can assign article to your placemark, and I’ll show button and call this article. If you want to alter the article URL, you can enter yours (did like for Contact)
** the Placemark Details button. You can go to placemark details (like it is done in placemark list view). You can enter placemark attributes to alter this details view (enter by semicolon separator). This is list of attributes:
*** full description
*** image galery
*** addition html text
*** load bootstrap
*** load bootstrap styles
*** thumbnail
ie to enter all attributes: full description;image galery;addition html text;load bootstrap;thumbnail
This attributes the same as for placemark details view (menu item)

Some little bugfixes is done – do not show title (on mouse over on placemark) when you enable dynamic loading placemarks…

Zh GoogleMap, you can manage layers by new buttons, little bugfixes


I’ve done new release with features:
– you can manage layers, ie
— traffic layer you can not only simple show, but display button and show it by button
— the same for transition layer, bicycle layer and panoramio layer
Look at new demo for it – press button to show/hide layer
– today all utility libraries (clusterer, marker with labels, infobubble and etc) loaded from component

Little bugfixes (you can’t show panoramio without filter fields)

I done new demo for Elevation profile for KML file

and add tutorial for that


Zh GoogleMap, you can restrict geocoding and places autocomplete field by region (country)

Hi there

I’ve done new release
* refreshed translation
* in admin panel when you set map bounds (restrict navigation from definite bounds), now I show this bounds on map (in map details tab)
* added new field “Search region” – Open map details->Map Controls->Map Find Control (geocoding), now you can restrict geocoding by region (see Google’s docs https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/basics#Region). Now you can control how find button will work.
* added new field “Search country” – Open map details->Places library, now you can restrict autocomplete suggestion by country (see Google’s docs https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/reference#ComponentRestrictions)

Zh YandexMap, you can fill polygons or circles by your image

Всем привет.
Добавил возможность заливки полигонов и окружностей своим изображением.

Для этого указывается в Путях URL фоновогоо изображения. Пока используется признак stretch для заливки, т.е. изображение растягивается. Позднее добавлю еще доп. параметр для изменения стиля заливки

Zh GoogleMap, new features

Hi there.

I added some new fields for configuring map

In component details.
Open tab Route (or slider, depends on joomla version)
I added three items
* Unit System
* Avoid Highways
* Avoid Tolls

You can set it, and it will be used in route building

In this release I added in placemark details new field “Placemark Full Description”
And it can be displayed in placemark detail view (menu item) by setting new parameter.
And like this setting I added in placemark list view (menu item).
And the second parameter I added into placemark detail and list view – hide Addition HTML text.
Explainations: you can add some text into Addition HTML field, and I display it in placemark infowindow. But you can show this placemark by menu item in a single view
Like this joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhgooglemap-demo-feature-placemarkdetails
Or display in a list
Like this joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhgooglemap-demo-feature-placemarklist

And before now I display Addition HTML text every time.

Now you can control (show or hide it). And You can display the other HTML text (full description).
For example, in addition text you can show some preface text, but in a full details – you can show all text.

Zh YandexMap, little changes

Всем привет.

Внесены небольшие изменения в компонент, модуль и плагин.

Основные изменения – для ввода меток пользователями со стороны FrontEnd теперь в настройках карты можно отключить вывод принадлежности меток группе и категории

В конфигурации добавлены языки, которые определены для перевода (с использованием платформы Transifex) и при наличии перевода будут, соответственно, выводиться.

Zh YandexMap, tutorial for horizontal placemark group list changed

Всем привет.
Я исправил “урок” по настройки списка групп для вывода в горизонтальном виде.
Тот урок (предыдущий вариант) был для старой структуры списка групп. Теперь список групп имеет новую структуру, соответственно, и стили должны быть другие.