Zh BaiduMap, new demo pages

Hi there.

I finally come back to developing extension for Baidu map.

It was too hard to find out my API key, because I lost it due to VPS re-installation and unable to connect to my Baidu account due to required phone number and don’t accept mine 🙂

Today you can see demo pages, which show component and plugin abilities.


During the next few weeks I will review my code and change it to easy support and flexible adding new features. And, of course, I’ll re-create documentation for this extension.

Best wishes,


Zh GoogleMap, demo for KML management by Group List


I found a little time to create new demo – managing KML Layers by Group List


It is simple, like a placemark management:
– create your placemark groups
– assign this groups to paths with KML layers
– enable in map details management by placemark group list (“Placemark Group Control”)
– enable in map details “Manage Paths”

Zh GoogleMap – User’s Sites Demo


You ask me about links to the other sites, which uses my Zh GoogleMap extensions.

You can post to forum

And I’ll add into my directory

Best wishes.

PS: Tomorrow I’ll do new release for component and plugin
– component – you will have ability to manage KML files by Placemark Group List
– plugin – GeoTags – you will have ability to call different maps for GeoTags – Google, Bing, Nokia, Yandex, OSM, Yahoo