Zh YandexMap, placemark search field in placemark list

Всем привет.

Реализована поддержка поиска меток в списке меток.

Дополнительно изменены стили отображения списка меток.

PS пока список меток и поиск не работает для случая динамической загрузки меток или их содержимого. Это будет реализовано в следующей версии… Надеюсь, через неделю 😉

Zh GoogleMap, new repacked release


Today I did new release, and suggest to get it from JED.

What’s new:

– now all extensions included in one package, and this package uploaded into JED

– now you don’t need to get each extension from JED and install it

– this package supports autoupdate feature too, and when I’ll develop new extension for this component (for example system plugin or search plugin), it will be included into package and you’ll get it automatically.

– plugin, component and module still have autoupdater, and if I need to fix it (or add new features) you’ll get it as it was


After about a month I’ll delete separate plugin and module from JED, because it is included in one distribution package (where component was).