Forum crashed and rollbacked to aug’12

I’m so sorry. I played with upgrades, and crashed down my forum. For some reasons I can’t rollback to march 2013 savepoint 🙁 – It is my new lesson to study. I rollback to previous stage – when I move hosting (it is completed sql backup).
I’m sorry, but if you wish – you can register on forum again 🙂

Best wishes, Dmitry

Zh GoogleMap – User’s Sites Demo


You ask me about links to the other sites, which uses my Zh GoogleMap extensions.

You can post to forum

And I’ll add into my directory

Best wishes.

PS: Tomorrow I’ll do new release for component and plugin
– component – you will have ability to manage KML files by Placemark Group List
– plugin – GeoTags – you will have ability to call different maps for GeoTags – Google, Bing, Nokia, Yandex, OSM, Yahoo