Zh BaiduMap, security update

This is a security release for the 3.x series of Zh BaiduMap!

This release fixes security issues – SQL injection

Affected Installs: versions up to 3.0.0.*

Please update to version 3.0.1.* or above

Zh GoogleMap, security update

This is a security release for the 3.x series of Zh GoogleMap!

This release fixes security issues – SQL injection

Affected Installs: versions up to 8.4.0.*

Please update to version 8.4.1.* or above

Zh YandexMap, code review, bugfixes

Всем привет.

Слегка переработал расширение ;).

Дополнительно в административной панели атрибуты перегруппированы (нужные сразу на экране), карта выводится только для первой закладки (думаю, так более удобно). Некоторые поля дополнительно растянуты.

Я выбрал один стиль группировки атрибутов и использую его и в остальных моих расширениях (для Baidu и для Google).

Теперь список меток имеет более расширенный список допустимых вариантов (видов). Кроме того, теперь и при включенной динамической загрузке меток список также корректно формируется.

Zh BaiduMap, bugfixing


I’m sorry, but last release have some bugs (old calls, which is not supported). And there was some troubles when you use ajax loading map objects and define placemark as map center and add some actions for it (change icon, bounce).

Now all this bugs are fixed.

And I changed styles (width) for Map menu item

Zh GoogleMap, module and plugin support additional parameters


I changed some styles in component (menu item) – width of fields.

I added the same fields as in component into module (paths and routes), and apply width style for all parameters.

In module now you can select map (not enter its ID)

In plugin call by CategoryList and GroupList now there is a new parameter – ObjectTypeList. In it you can manage what map objects will be displayed by this Category or Group. By default it is placemark, for backward compatibility.

And fixed double definition of paths for case dynamic loading map objects.


Zh BaiduMap, code review and added a lot of features


Finally I did new release.

I reviewed all code. Added module. All parts of extension – component, module and plugin use one common code.

Added new parameters for component call (menu item).

You can manage h-tag (h2 or h3) for infowin by component options.

Added ground overlays, labels for markers, dynamically loading placemarks and paths (by mootools or JQuery) or its content.

Added style support for map, and CSS and JS files loading.

For map div by default added default CSS style, which fix styles not only for component call, but also in plugin and module.

Management by group list manage not only placemarks, but also paths. And it has autocomplete group search field, show all/hide all option. Added group sorting.

In future will be added routes, map types, overlay opacity control, placemark list, panel for group list/infowin content/placemark list, traffic control and many other features.



Zh GoogleMap, new improvements for Open Google Map feature


I added new values into lists

  • Map Details -> Integration-> Allow open Google Maps for map center placemark
  • Placemark Details -> Integration-> Show open Google Maps


For map center, you can manage behavior

  • open with drawing direction to your map center
  • open simple map with marker, and marker created for your map center coordinates
  • open simple map with marker, and marker created for your map title

As a result, if you enter into title your company or place, which exists in Google’s database, and set marker for title, it would be on left Google’s panel and marker would created for your place.

If you set marker for coordinates – this coordinates will be used Google for marker.

The same for placemarks:

  • you can open with drawing direction to your placemark
  • you can use placemark title or coordinates for simple map with marker


Addition to this, I added passing language parameter and zoom from map details to Google Map, and standard map will be opened with your language and zoom.

But zoom parameter doesn’t work in case you open placemark on map as simple placemark (without direction, ie with parameter Show open Google Maps = show marker for title or show marker for coordinates). In future I’ll pass initial map zoom for using it.

Zh BaiduMap, new demo pages

Hi there.

I finally come back to developing extension for Baidu map.

It was too hard to find out my API key, because I lost it due to VPS re-installation and unable to connect to my Baidu account due to required phone number and don’t accept mine 🙂

Today you can see demo pages, which show component and plugin abilities.


During the next few weeks I will review my code and change it to easy support and flexible adding new features. And, of course, I’ll re-create documentation for this extension.

Best wishes,