Zh GoogleMap, new feature – Ground overlay


I added support of ground overlays

Look at demo page http://joomla.zhuk.cc/index.php/zhgooglemap-main/gm-demo/gm-features/gm-feature-ground-overlay

Now you can use images as overlay without needs to create map type and generate map tiles.

Zh GoogleMap docs, fixed plugin description


I found that plugin call (by category or by group) is not correct described.

You can show map objects not by one category or group.

You can pass to plugin list of categories (IDs, separated by comma). The same for call by group

Zh GoogleMap, bugfixes for plugin

Hi. I did little release to fix bugs and will continue improvements

* show message to enter text address for Find and Route buttons when you press with empty field
* fixed style loading for geotags call
* added new translated lines

Zh GoogleMap, new panel feature, lot of changes


The new release of all extensions is done.


* fixed ajax loading placemarks in plugin call and module (it was loaded twice, by ajax and in page code)

* when you enable hovering feature and used infowin to display text, it anchored to bottom center (as the placemark icon), but infobubble displayed with offset. Now InfoWin and InfoBubble displayed with offset – anchored above the icon

New features:

* new value for component option “Map Initialization Type“, it is JQuery ready event. As I wrote in my docs, if the other extension use “onload” function to initialization, the map is not displayed, and I suggested to use “domready” init type. But it is a mootools part, and now Joomla removed this tools from framework and use JQuery. Some templates can remove mootools loading too, and in this case you should use this map initialization type

* hover text for path – you can write HTML text to display hover infowon/infobubble for path

* the two parameters for hovering text from Placemarks tab moved to Advanced options, because now it is common for placemarks and paths

* site URL for path infowin content

* new values for “Action by Click” for path are open link in the same window or in the new one

* side panel, you can see it on Demo page. All settings in map details, on Advanced Options tab

* you can set to show infowin content in this panel (“Display InfoWin content” field)

* in panel case for placemark with action by click = “Open InfoBubble” with tabs – all tabs  displayed as accordion

* you can set to show group list in panel – new value for group position field

* you can set to show placemark list in panel – new value for placemark list position

* Changed CSS styles for placemark lists (Simple and Advanced) to display more beautiful

Zh GoogleMap, new repacked release


Today I did new release, and suggest to get it from JED.

What’s new:

– now all extensions included in one package, and this package uploaded into JED

– now you don’t need to get each extension from JED and install it

– this package supports autoupdate feature too, and when I’ll develop new extension for this component (for example system plugin or search plugin), it will be included into package and you’ll get it automatically.

– plugin, component and module still have autoupdater, and if I need to fix it (or add new features) you’ll get it as it was


After about a month I’ll delete separate plugin and module from JED, because it is included in one distribution package (where component was).



Zh GoogleMaps, added new features


I did new release of component today with two new features.
1. now you can set hover fill color for rectangles and circles












2. you can add article into infowin’s body. If you open placemark integration section, you can see an article selector.
It was, but you could just add button into infowin. Now you can go to appearance section and select “Title and Article (by iframe)” or “Article (by iframe)” infowin content field.











To alter styles for iframe you can add it’s CSS style into field in integration section and define it in your template

Zh GoogleMap, component and plugin bugfix


Today I did new releases for component and plugin.
Component fixed: you can get warning for not initialized variable “adsenses”
Plugin fixed: if you have more than one article on page, or a few Custom HTML modules with plugin call – you can get error (if for different maps you have different settings of features)