Zh GoogleMap, new improvements for Open Google Map feature


I added new values into lists

  • Map Details -> Integration-> Allow open Google Maps for map center placemark
  • Placemark Details -> Integration-> Show open Google Maps


For map center, you can manage behavior

  • open with drawing direction to your map center
  • open simple map with marker, and marker created for your map center coordinates
  • open simple map with marker, and marker created for your map title

As a result, if you enter into title your company or place, which exists in Google’s database, and set marker for title, it would be on left Google’s panel and marker would created for your place.

If you set marker for coordinates – this coordinates will be used Google for marker.

The same for placemarks:

  • you can open with drawing direction to your placemark
  • you can use placemark title or coordinates for simple map with marker


Addition to this, I added passing language parameter and zoom from map details to Google Map, and standard map will be opened with your language and zoom.

But zoom parameter doesn’t work in case you open placemark on map as simple placemark (without direction, ie with parameter Show open Google Maps = show marker for title or show marker for coordinates). In future I’ll pass initial map zoom for using it.

Zh BaiduMap, new demo pages

Hi there.

I finally come back to developing extension for Baidu map.

It was too hard to find out my API key, because I lost it due to VPS re-installation and unable to connect to my Baidu account due to required phone number and don’t accept mine 🙂

Today you can see demo pages, which show component and plugin abilities.


During the next few weeks I will review my code and change it to easy support and flexible adding new features. And, of course, I’ll re-create documentation for this extension.

Best wishes,